Children of God

We are all children of God, no matter where we live. These past couple of days have been amazing; the children of the villages have touched my heart in so many ways. Knowing that we were the ones that put the smiles on the children’s faces warms my heart. Our lives, along with the people of the village are forever changed. I am truly blessed. God’s love is never failing.


spirit of sharing

IMG_0320Last night was a lot of fun as most of the team played and interacted with the families waiting for their turn at the medical clinic. We traveled about 1 1/2 hours away to a village with 30-35 families. Even doing some eye checks for those who might be helped with simple glasses.

IMG_0313We didn’t hear of any major health concerns for the village, but it was shared that some are having treatable symptoms that cause daily pain BUT they are so used to them, they feel they are normal.

Too often it’s easier to settle for less than God’s best for our lives.

Once all the families have had their personal interview time, we pack up the meds and share some worship with them. Even if we are not singing in their language…we hope they can see our IMG_0310love for the Savior they will get to know through the Jesus Film. Some may have never heard of Jesus or seen a movie but the Spanish version is a great way to share His story. After it’s finished Pastor Hermano Jesus shares an invitation to those attending. Many came forward to dedicate/rededicate their lives to Jesus. We prayed over individuals, shared New Testaments in Spanish with them and gave some beans and rice packets for all to take home.

God always wants to give us good gifts.
They were showing me how to be a better receiver.

home dedication & celebration



IMG_0159Dedication day is amazing by itself. This one was unheard of in PBM’s 17 years. Instead of us calling the celebration together the village Panicuy wanted to honor those who came to serve them. We were very humbled, honored and in tears. As the team who was finishing the last of the 21 homes for these wonderful people, we were served a wonderful meal at the local school, entertained with great music from the kids and could not believe ALL who wanted to get in on the great benefits from the piñata blast!!

God was so evident as we started our dedications with the father of the sons in the others homes. Ending with the widowed mom of one son’s wife.

These few photos and a few words can’t convey the feelings of the day but God does promised things beyond our imagination so just kind of think what that might be like.

We are at the base this morning, packing pills, doing great group devotions, and getting ready to head to a medical clinic and sharing the Jesus Film late afternoon & evening.

Prayers are always appreciated as we step out of comfort zones and let the Holy Spirit work through us.

Build Day 2

Today we finished up the houses! We started by finishing up a 3rd coat of drywall and sanding. We spent most of the day stuccoing the outside of the homes with the “succulent salmon” paint. Then we painted the inside of the homes with an aqua blue paint and decorated the walls with drawings and bible verses. Most of the family’s helped us paint and decide what verses to write on the walls. Tomorrow we will go back to dedicate the new homes to the family and share gifts we brought along! We heard that they have a big surprise for us tomorrow!
We have had a wonderful Guatemalan lunch every day!

-Marissa Lockwood and Judi Kruis

Breaking Ground Day One

Today we were spoiled by the staff and allowed to sleep until 7:00am, because we had a crazy late arrival.  It was so much fun to arrive in the village, to see that God had went before us and prepared the hearts of the people.  They had gathered at our vans to give us a love filled welcome and every person introduced themselves and have us hugs.  It was amazing and certainly helped all of us to center focus on the real reason  that we had made the journey.
We all quickly got organized and carried our equipment to the sites that we would work on.  Some were close to the road, others had to trek down a valley and back up again. On todays agenda was to get all of the structure erected and the dry wall and outside sheet rock on for the day.  It was amazing to see all of the teams work so hard and also to see God provide us with the energy to get it done with very little sleep.

It was such a blessing also because each family was very welcoming and wanting to help with whatever they could to make their homes.  It was such a gift to see the hope in their eyes for their futures build as each stage was completed during the day.  The people were so friendly and willing to share drinks and snacks for us as an act of gratitude.

The team returned to  the base around 6 oclock to have much needed showers, relax and prepare for devotions.  As a mother of a family of 6 who always is preparing dinner I must say it was fabulous to return to a hot meal ready and waiting.  The staff at the base is terrific and it was delicious.   Continue to prepare for us that we will be able to show the love of Christ to the people and that we will leave this village knowing that we will celebrate with these beautiful people in eternity.

On to tomorrow when we get a wake up call from Anna at 5:30 am Yikes!!!!

We Arrived!

We did get in on the 7th like planned, but arrived very late. When we got to Detroit Metro Airport, we were greeted with a 4 hour delay, which caused us to miss our connecting flight out of Houston.  23 of the team took the next available flight to Guatemala City, and the other 7 of us switched airlines and flew to Atlanta and then on to Guatemala.  We thank God for an amazing agent named Kim at the United Airlines desk in Detroit who worked with us for 1.5 hours to make all the arrangements.  Many of the team were upgraded to first class!  All the bags made it through customs without incident.